Ramzan Indian Armed Forces Way !!!

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Looking back i realise that i have spent 45 Ramzans in different parts of the country and the world . The Holi month of Ramzaan brings out the best among practising Muslims . 
My most fond memories are of Ramzaans spend at various places in the Armed Forces. Everyone was so supportive .
 In NDA the Muslim cadets were invited by Officers for Iftar. I hosted one such Iftar in my house and made elaborate arrangements . There were 40 cadets and few other guests (including the Commandant ) . 500 shami kababs , equal number of Seekh Kababs, rotis , Mutton , Chicken , Biryani ........ vanished within half an hour. Including the Commandant , no one even looked at Vegetarian dishes . 

     In Sri Lanka i was based in Vavuniya operating as part of IPKF. Co located with us was an Engineering regiment with one company of Muslim troops . 3 of us Air Force guys fasting, were declared by their CO ( Col Sharma) as honorary members of the "Paltan" , which meant that our Sehri and Iftars were taken care of under personal supervision of CO . In fact Col Sharma observed one Roza to express solidarity with his jawans and friends like me. Eid prayers and celebrations were organised by his regiment with full vigour.
 The task of organising was given to non Muslims so that Muslims were left free for Roza and Eid related activities ( i was told Muslim troops were in charge of organising Diwali, Holi ) . Col Sharma asked me " what time should we keep for Eid Namaz?" Keeping my flying commitments for the day in mind , i said " 8 o clock sir " and the time was fixed at 8.As luck would have it,  
On Eid day i was asked to get airborne early morning and proceed to an area near Trincomalee where LTTE had ambushed an Indian Army camp . As i was rushing to my aircraft , i saw Col Sharma's vehicle approaching me . He asked what time i would be back . My reply " Sir half an hour to reach the spot , half an hour to track and eliminate the attackers , another half an hour to drop our injured troops to hospital and half an hour to get back . That was way way past 8 o clock . He only said " Dont worry you wont miss your Namaz" 

While i was carrying out my mission (6 of our troops lost their lives and 14 were seriously injured, i eliminated the attacking party of 8) , I was told later by one of the officers that Col Sharma called the Namaz in charge and told him " Namaz Hanfee saab ke aane ke baad hogi. Koi shak ???"
 *In a war zone when a CO ask " Koi Shak" one better not have any shak!!!!*
It was a pleasant surprise not to miss out. All officers of the regiment joined us for Eid prayers . They all stood behind Namazis with folded hands .
  *These gestures made one to die for each other.* 

  Fond memories of the Indian Armed Forces and Ramzan !!!
🙏🇮🇳💐🌏 🙏

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