Latest Update OROP: Five Yearly Revision of Pension

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 Supreme Court through judgment dated 16.03.2022 has directed that five yearly revision of pension under OROP be carried out and arrears be paid within three months. There are numerous messages being circulated on this subject. Some messages are of such nature as if MoD is conveying day to day progress of the subject to the originators of such messages. Please do not believe any such message. No part of the progress of the subject matter has yet been disclosed by MoD.

From the past experience of implementation of SC judgements, it can be expected that MoD letter on the subject will be out by 16.06.2022.

Also, it is five yearly revision of pension and not OROP 2. The revision is to be carried out based on the average pension of 2018 retirees. There is no chance of fixation of pension by any multiplying factor which is done at the time of implementation of Pay Commissions. However, some recommendations of OMJC may or may not be considered while carrying out the revision.

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