Option Trading Rules..

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πŸ–‹️Use 1/4th capital only at a time for Option Trading...

(Suppose u have 1 Lakh- Take only max 25000/- of Value at a time..

πŸ–‹️Never Average in loss trade .

πŸ–ŠU must follow Stop loss and trailing Stop loss. ( WHICH NO ONE DO)

πŸ–‹️Never do hope trade..
Book Loos if trade goes wrong .

πŸ–‹️Always take at the money (ATM)or In the money (ITM) call .

πŸ–ŠTake OTM call only when u are sure for big move..

πŸ–‹️Avoid Hero/Zero trade or trade in expiry day.

πŸ–ŠNover over confidence on any trade..

πŸ–‹️Focus in Increasing Capital slowly slowly.

πŸ–‹️Forget Previous loses.

πŸ–‹️And Most important .. ..
Option trading is made for big guys favour, who sell options.

So never be over confidence.
Earn small n exit...

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