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Dear friend,
Today I visited PCDA (p) at draupadi ghat allahabad,pryagraj.
1.the office is located in a fully remote area next to river and no human habitat nearby. 
2.it is approx 18 km ,Rs 500 from cac hqr by ola .
3.staff generally reaches at 10,o clock or so .for air force only Mr Dharmendra is there AS Mr Rajesh is shifted to Army sparsh.
4.I got chance to Mr Dharmendra who gave enough time to me and proved me that action are initiated but TCS can only do the correction so they remind them ,almost everyday but Tcs is slow or confused how to solve it .
All cases are given one follow up number but outcome is nil or zero .all points submitted by me were accepted as genuine but in 2 months nothing is done or  done incorrectly.
Dpdo has no role in sparsh as in my case the dlc forwarded from DPDO blr but not received by sparsh ,however the next LC date is now Nov 2022.so pension is through.not correct by sparsh so I submitted manual LC at PCDA p.
the working condition is pathetic at PCDA specially that of staff.no internet with them so they are on IAn or something else.
only AO is having one desktop with net and it is on bsnl so performance is known to all of us.
presently 2016,17,18 is migrated with 70% mistakes and main problem is with family pension,almost all family pension are in problem .
no understood reason to shift neither they are fully converted with tools to take over nor willing as staff is very less and can not be same output as bank cppc.
So far no instruction has come on consent or no consent of pensioners if it comes in future then they will do accordingly. 
the main problem is 
DLC, migration of new sparsh ppo correctly,and family pension .
as they have just taken 15% of total vast pensioners migration the chaos at galore .
it will be just not possible to complete in next 10 yrs or so .
for new cases it is not so but old cases are in chaos.but still pension disbursement from cppc is much better and correct as same office should not be doing all the things.
iaf has one offr wg cdr Misra with 4men to pursue but with limited staff not possible at least 70 % staff of DAV should be atPCDA p.as now everything is centralized.
future is dark unless all pensioners take up for reverting back immediately .
the unwillingness mail if forwarded  to Mr Dharmendra are kept in file and will be implemented if such order comes.
as far as navy guide lines are concerned he said is all false but can navy issue such order without ok from RM,mod.
future is unknown and in confusion but full of harrassment to all of us.
god bless.
bk das

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