Rules while trading with free tips providers

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1- Trade only from single lot in stock option
2- Please enter only in the range provided
3- Book as per your risk and reward 
4- safe traders try to book Rs1000- Rs1500 either Profit or loss
5- Risky traders can hold their positions for higher target. but always keep in your mind that SL is always zero
6- In the large size lot please book profit after 10 to 20 paise increase
7-Don't try to average your losses 
8-Stoploss is always zero in free group so trade as per your risk. 
9- Don't carry forward your position without any confirmation
10- If you booked loss on any the day don't try to recover your loss on the same day 
11-Control your emotions while trading its all about technical analysis don't try to think it will go up or down without any technical analysis
12- If we forget to update any call then book according to you
13- Book small small profit constitenly ( This is the key point of success in stock option)

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