Band of Brothers

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We were a happy band of brothers. 

No caste, no religion, no first among equals.

Then the colour of Uniform split us. 

Some were Pongos, some Dopes and some Holier than thou.

More joined in but we were 'us' and they were 'them'.

Then the colour of Beret split us. 

Some Infantry, some Armoured, some Artillery, some administrators, some queens, some kings and some support caste. 

Then the rank differential separated us. 

Suddenly the wise owl became upper caste and rest Bahujans.

Now most of us are retired, disgruntled, egoistic, couch potatoes dividing ourselves over religion and politics. 

Suddenly everyone has become a Sadhguru advising everyone, when their own spouse and children do not listen to them.

Now that  life is equalising everyone, with one leg in the grave we have a chance to reconnect. 

Forget our self created differences and fade away in peace.

"Just chill folks, stay safe, stay healthy, and let's all wait to be together sometime in the future.".😍🌹👌🙏🙏

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