Gangs in Punjab

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Gangs in Punjab have their origin in proliferation  of student groups and student politics. 

Student groups vie with each other to take over college students unions and here the support of goondas and gangsters begins,some even from outside the state.
The wayward youth are identified and further recruited. These groups find political affiliations as politicians require ready manpower and workers.
Affiliations with politicians means protection from Police and adds to their influence and morale. 

The gun culture propounded by these singers is an intoxication for youth. A market for such cheap songs to tap a false sense of bravado,machism and fookrapan among youth of Punjab, Haryana,Western UP has been created.
Now the Gangs are operated professionally and they have started investing in kabaddi clubs and extort hefty amounts from singers.
The singers have now started aligning with different gangs for protection. 
Here comes the nexus...Gangsters, Singers,Politicians, Narco smugglers and kabaddi promoters.
 Now what is the contribution to our culture with lyrics sung in nasal tone by these singers ...late shate aun da,peg sheg laun da...nazara aunda Jat nu..??
What motivation is there for youth?

Gaddi ch bandook....

Chaklo revolver raflan kabja lena hai?

Asle di dhar vargi

Panj goliyan 

And many other songs with bandook,pistol,daaru,katta,asla, dushman, velly etc blatantly used to attract youth towards a false cultural for huge money by these bastards 
The glorification of gun violence and the gangster culture has been on the rise in Punjab in post militancy period. 
While Punjab has only 2% of country's population, it has 10% of the total gun licenses. It is also one of the states having highest number of Gun licenses in the recent years. 
 There are about 13 gun licenses for every 1000 people in Punjab. Experts believe it is the pop songs that are to be blamed for this excessive portrayal of guns. The songs portray men donning expensive clothes, shoes, watches, gold chain around the neck and sporting a guns, rifles. Guns and rifles have become a common sight in Punjabi songs. These songs are mostly cater to upper caste Jatt Sikhs and the lyrics normalize the usage of guns as if it is a status symbol. 
Whole generation of youth has been channelised towards this culture . NRIs are also to blame for their rise.

 The clich├ęd line in defence is k aahi demand aa...ahi vikda..

O bhai you guys first  create market n hook youth with such cheap songs and then claim aahi vikda. 
Gurdas nu taan kade zaroorat nahi payi bandook di. Oh taan dafli naal hi tuhade gang to zyada kamyab hai kalla  hi. 
Sartaj te kanwar v saaf ga k culture promote karde aa. 
Just to seek immediate fame n money, u guys don't think twice before penning n belting cheap lyrics.  Lokan diyan dhiyan bhaina asle di dhar vargian dasde ho. Apni baare v likho.

Now this young singer was killed in broad daylight which is extremely sad outcome of the culture these singers themselves espoused. 

I mourn not only this youngster but also hundreds of unknown youngsters put on the drug n gang route by singer mafia. 

This should serve as a clarion call for society to introspect what culture we are creating for our kids in Punjab.

Such songs should be immediately banned and gangsters nexus with singers mafia ,political mafia and kabadfi mafia be brutally broken to arrest the cultural death of our beloved Punjab.

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