How Chamchas Work in Army/Airforce? A Fiction

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Our colleague JWO girpade (name changed) 

He does all work whatever CO orders. Apart from CO's official work, he does all his personal household work like depositing son's college fee, buying daughter's dance school dress, taking CO's wife to shopping etc. A also does CO's car servicing job, complete son's project work everything whatever CO says

So JWO girpade is number one favourite of CO Saheb. This way JWO girpade got all promotions very first. We are only repenting our fate becoz CO is not happy with our job. JWO girpade had a beautiful time. 

One day, we got sudden news about CO saheb's mother's demise. We all ran to his house with a very sad face as it was a huge loss!
Surprisingly JWO girpade was not to be seen anywhere in CO's Bungalow.

Every body was speculating how JWO girpade is missing the chance to score. 🤔🤔

We all arranged for vehicle furnished with garlands and CO's mother was taken to crematorium. 🌹🌹

What a fate! There's about 16 bodies lying in the queues for electric burning. I calculated, each body will at least take 3 hrs to burn. So may be tomorrow we may go back home. 

CO was red faced  and temperament very bitter. 😡😡

Suddenly, the 2nd body started sitting.

 *We all ran helter skelter.*

 To our utter surprise we discovered it was none other than JWO girpade.

 He called CO Saheb, 


*Hamara number 2nd hai, I was waiting since morning, lying as a dead body.*

*Saala phir se number bana gaya*

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