Why was it so difficult for Bharat to retaliate against Qatar IMMEDIATELY after it opened diplomatic campaign against PM Modi's Bharat after Nupur Sharma Case?

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Long Thread :

Let me give you deep insights.

It was not that tiny Qatar acted on its own but it was a pissed off "Uncle Sam" who fired the shot from Qatar's Shoulders.

PM Modi showed US the Middle Finger and bought Russian oil (which helped in easing prices of fuel a bit) ,didn't sanction Russia and EAM Jaishankar was roasting Europe on their own soil.

This wasn't taken lightly by Washington DC.

Bharat stopped Export of Sugar followed by Export ban on Wheat.

After we stopped exporting Wheat citing domestic reasons there were serious concerns exhibited by IMF.

(What was real purpose?... answer in a seperate thread)

In March 22, Victoria Nuland, an career diplomat of 32 years & widely believed to be mastermind behind Feb 2014 Ukraine Regime change was in Bharat & that wasn't definitely a coincidence. She is last resort for Deep State whenever it wants to throw any country in Anarchy.

In short, PM Modi showed spine to stand against Deep State & it's Masters...."Oil, Pharma & Arms Lobby"

This is SUPPOSED to be a grave crime.

So why did US choose Qatar to fire bullet?

Because Doha (Qatar) isn't Just a Nobody!!!

Is it because Bharat is dependent on Qatar for Liquid Natural Gas (we import 41% of total imported LNG from Qatar)???


Bharat NEEDED Doha in Afghanistan. And Americans knew that.

Remember, in Aug 2021, Ambassador of Bharat to Qatar, Deepak Mittal, met Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai, the Head of Taliban's Political Office in Doha just after Taliban taking over Afghanistan.

There are two factions in Afghan Taliban.
One is controlled by Pakistan and the other by Doha. But Qatar has much deeper pockets.

And this Qatar is controlled and protected by the Americans.

Now notice the timing of Qatar blowing Nupur Sharma Issue out of proportion.

MEA Joint Secretary J.P. Singh led Bharat's Delegation met Senior Taliban Ministers in KABUL (Afghanistan) on 2 June 22.

You have to be "Too Innocent" to think that it was to discuss Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan (as was said).

So....What's there to worry about in this for Qatar?

Bharat engaging DIRECTLY with Taliban has not sent shivers down the spine Only for Qatar, But for US too who was engaging with Taliban till day with meetings held in Qatar. Bharat bypassing Qatar was Warning to BOTH.

That's why, Shot was fired by US from Qatar's Shoulders

I know that you won't still believe me. Let me remind you one more COINCIDENCE.

US has criticised Bharat in a recent report on "Religious Freedom". When was the report released?....3 June 22.

Just 1 day after Bharat holding meeting with Taliban.

When did Qatar start Barking against Bharat?....4 June 22.

1 day after US started barking.

Now, you have to be completely insane to believe that these connections aren't anything more than Coincidence.

Why did Saudi, UAE, Oman, Jordan join Chorus with Qatar inspite of being Great Friends with Bharat?

It's their compulsion of being part of I$£amic World. Mind you....there is a constant race among these Nations to prove who is Real Leader of OIC.

Qatar taking lead in "Protection of I$£am" is detrimental to Saudi who is holding this position since ages & Saudi can't afford it's ADVERSARY Qatar to take lead as it will Bolden Kuwait also against Saudi.

For Saudi & it's Allies, It's not a stand against PM Modi's Bharat as a policy/religious matter, but....Out of Compulsion.

Now again back to same question. Why does PM Modi's Bharat NEED these "Good Weather Friends"?

In interest of Larger Picture!!

Just a few days back Imran Khan Niyazi was on record saying Pakistan is about to disintegrate. Probably just fear mongering for domestic reasons, but "IF" an oppurtunity(Created/Grabbed) presents...
Bharat will need support from OIC.

I won't say Anything Louder than this.

➕ Do remember that it's not Pakistan which is real enemy of Bharat. It's CHINA!!

To counter China's expansion plans like OBOR..Bharat is developing a shortest Trade Route via Saudi, UAE,Oman,Jordan,Israel,Cyprus & Greece.

PM Modi can't afford to send this in disarray.

Having given all connections, let me conclude by saying that...

It wasn't Qatar which acted on it's own volition but I strongly believe it was compelled.
After all, they too know they need Bharat for food security.

They have ONLY Oil & Gas....Bharat has EVERYTHING Else

The Americans were waiting to have a go at us & we tripped thanks to Irresponsible Statements by Nupur Sharma.

Always remember, "Timing is Important EVEN WHILE saying some TRUTH"!!!

Geo Politics and Geo Strategy ain't as simple & easy as it appears.

The Matrix is complex & Dynamics in a Constant Flux.

The top bosses in New Delhi know their job. No need to teach International Politics & Hindutva to PM Modi Ji,NSA Ajit Doval Sir & EAM Jaishankar Ji.

And...THEY have already started. Just Yesterday,Bharat started placing orders with Rosneft DOUBLING Russian Oil Imports.
Direct Loss to Gulf Countries.

I won't be surprised if Bharat starts getting reconciliation signals from Gulf as early as from Today/Tomorrow itself.


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