Writing an ACR

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Sometimes as a CO, 

when I am writing ACRs of Offrs, 

I feel I am the script writer for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

The way you have to write science fiction stories for their pen pictures is actually praiseworthy. 

First decide who these super heroes are, in my case, if I consider the unit as MCU and all the Offrs as Avengers 

2IC - Nick Fury 

Adjt - Iron Man 

01 x AE Maj (Psc) - Hawkeye

01 x AE Maj (Non Psc who acts like he is Psc, but when unleashed, the actual guy comes out - Hulk 

01 x AE Maj (Disgruntled) - Black Widow 

01 x High Potential Youngster likely to clear DSSC - Spider-Man 

01 x Capt who needs external force to work beyond the call of duty - Ant Man 

Etc etc 

Finally the Pen Picture - KGF Style 

*First three lines * 

Hero's Intro and background with high decidel background music and in case of AE Majors involves a fight sequence also 

*Next 7-8 lines *

Story build up of the hero, some song and dance sequences, some sequences where he does universal good for his home(Unit) and looks after the people of his village(Bde and the Cdr) and sometimes even the neighbouring villages and hamlets( Div HQ and other Bdes). 

*Romantic Angle *

Heroine and his love story and how they are a great couple and involves one odd song and dance sequence (covers the AWWA aspect) 

*Climax *

How he fought against all evils and came out triumphs beyond the call of duty and how he has finished so many villains single handedly and how he is an asset and how he can do wonders again - always leave scope for a sequel 

( sequel in the next pen picture - KGF 2)

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