Do you know any Great Woman who.......

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1. Constructed bridge over Ganga at Howrah and set up Calcutta Town? 
2. Neither allowed British to collect taxes on the rivers nor ever allowed anyone to stop Durga procession? 
3. Built Dakhineswar Temple in Kolkata? 
4. Built large utility Wharf (ferry jetty), Quay (landing-place), bathing-place for common Kolkattans in the river Ganga in Kolkata which are still famous as Babu Ghat, Neemtala Ghat? 
5. Recovered and renovated Sankaracharya Temple in Srinagar?
6. Built walls of Krishna Janambhoomi at Mathura? 
7. Purchased Freedom for 2000 Hindus in Dhaka from Muslim Nawab? 
8. Started Boat services from Rameshwaram to Sri Lanka for Temple pilgrimage for Hindus?
9. Donated land on which Kolkata Cricket Stadium is built? 
10. Constructed road from Suvarnarekha River to Puri?
11. Donated huge amount to set up Presidency College and National Library in Kolkata? 
12. There are numerous uncounted work she has done for Bengal and other states

Have Nehru, Leftists, Maulvis, Cardinals and their pet historians included this great woman in your syllabus? No, you never heard of her. 

I am sure 99% Indians even don't know about this Great Woman of India who reformed Bengal like this. 

Name of this Great Woman is Rani Rashmoni, the widow of Kolkata Zamindar. She had done so much magnanimous works during her lifetime from 1793 AD to 1863 AD that her statues should have been erected across Delhi and the rest of India.

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