Humour in Uniform : Armad Kaur

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Humour in Uniform.......

Subedar  Deedar Singh from the Armoured Corps had only one desire...
that he have plenty of sons, all of whom would join his Paltan & bring honour to the family name.

When the first born arrived, he ignored his mother asking him to conduct the naamkarn ceremony and announced his child to be christened "Leftaan Singh" (Lieutenant Singh)... after all, he was the first in the heirarchy!

When the next son came, he coughed and announced "Kaptaan (Captain) Singh."

Thus began the saga of ritual home grown promotions, till he had Major Singh, Karnail (Colonel) Singh, Bargadier (Brigadier) Singh and finally Jarnail (General) Singh.

Sache Patshaah, in his benevolence had been magnanimous and he could rest now, but then arrived a beautiful baby girl.

Subedaar sahab was stumped and paced up and down to figure out an appropriate name. 

His wife, seeing his frustration, called out,
"Gal suno, biba da nau ARMAD KAUR (Armoured Corps) na rakhh daiye???"

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