Humour in Uniform : QUARTER GUARD DRILL

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As Duty Officer, I went for 'Quarter Guard' inspection. As per drill, the sentry on duty, Sepoy Baljit Singh shouted, 'Tham!! Kaun aata hai?' In accordance with the drill, he was expecting me to say 'Dost' and then ask me for the password. To judge his reaction, I said 'Dushman'. Sepoy Baljit Singh again asked the same question and I gave him the same answer. Puzzled, Sepoy Baljit Singh looked at his Guard Commander. Taking control of the situation, his Guard Commander, Hav Rajinder Singh, shouted 'Saab, Sannu Dushman di drill da pata nahi haigaa...... ya te tussi Dost ban jao.... nahi te appe hi picchhe mud.... tez chaal kar lo.

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