The Backbenchers

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The Benchmark was never the bench... The Benchmark will never be the bench...

In school, there was, is and will be, a unique and discreet subset. A few rows of Back Benchers, who were never afraid of a test.

These backbenchers took the longest breaks, took the longest to settle down. 

Rarely would have done their homework. Still, from teachers didn't evince a frown.

They were current on movies & knew great stuff on sports too.

If our city had secret places to visit, they'd already been there & done that too .

They weren't good at academics but weren't bothered about it. They were good in sports but would not bother others about it.

They were taller and heavier & some had seen more summers than others.

Puberty struck them earlier. One among them was a drummer.

They had magazines which front benchers didn't. More glossy and re-readable at that. 

There was an air of mischief & a smile that complemented that .

Except for the art class, the ones in our class were great artists too. They'd draw on the desk,
art mentionable and unmentionable too.

They knew how to fly planes. Land missiles on teachers and with a poker face, lie with panache & credence.

Catcalls and comments,
came from them with a regular flow.

Assignments were jointly completed, later than sooner they would show.

They were a nice lot, happier than most others I'd say. More at peace with themselves, except on the results day.

Sports Day was the day they'd excel, and make their class and house proud. Win points and medals, be cheered by the crowd.

They had the colours on holi-day. Their pen wielded ink too.

Their crackers resounded in toilets, they had the gadgets and games too.

In time we met again,
in social media groups and reunions.

They've done as well as those in front rows, the differences have melted since.

Happy then and happy now, the backbenchers had a fair deal. They must've slogged in between. As good or better than front row, I feel.

*It generally evens out in life*,

Whether you were at the front or @ the back.

The benchmark was never the bench

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