Army Vaishno Mata guide help

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Jai Hind Sirs,
Recently visited Vaishno Devi temple, Katra with family. If any of you is plg for a visit please read once. Might come handy.


 *Plan* . Vaishno Devi Darshan 

 *Climb* . Army Camp, Katra to Vaishno Devi Bhawan 12.5 km

 *Steps* .

1. *Passes* . Presently, 200 Fd is resp unit at Army Camp, Katra. Online passes will be made avlb by OIC, Katra.
2. *AT* . 874 AT is resp unit to provide AT. Col DQ 16 Corps details 874 AT based upon the request. AWAN msg to be sent to HQ 16 CORPS Q OPS BR with AADHAR details of the indls along with a contact number a week prior preferably. 
3. *Guest Rooms* . Army Camp, Katra is 45 mins drive from Udhampur. Guest rooms can be booked in any of the units stationed with NC or 250 Transit Camp.


4. Report to Army Camp, Katra. Passes  will be provided by 874 AT.
5. Pictures will be clicked at the Camp and details will be shared for coord till Vaishno Devi Bhawan. One JCO will guide the indls till the Mule pt.
6. The army horses/mules will mov till Ardhkuwari. 6 km up. 
7. Darshan at Ardhkuwari followed by on foot mov till Vaishno Devi Bhawan further up. 
8. Report to Army reception centre at gate no. 5. 200 Fd staff will assist for Vaishno Devi Darshan. Locker facilities and shoe racks avlb.
9. Ropeway Car facility avlb to mov further up for Bhairav  Darshan. Charges ₹ 100 per person round ferry. Roughly 5 mins to reach the top. One indl is given one ticket only. Same can  be coord with the JCO at the army reception centre at gate no. 5.

 *Deinduct* .

10. Electric car facilities avlb from Vaishno Devi Bhawan to Ardhkuwari. Charges ₹236 per person. The tickets will be made avlb  by the 200 Fd staff saves the queue hassle. 1730 hrs the electric cars start and take 20 mins to reach Ardhkuwari.
11. Civ mules avlb at Ardhkuwari at rates of ₹400 per person and takes approx 40 mins to an hr to reach Army Camp, Katra. On foot it takes almost an hr and half.

 *Contact Details* .

12. *OIC Katra* : 
Maj Neeraj – 09103256166

13. *Adjt 874* .  9435713030

14. *874 AT JCO (Army Camp Katra).* 
Sub Giri – 9103162694

15. *200 Fd JCO ( Army Reception Centre).* 
 Sub Sanjay Dwivedi – 06284756020

16. *Col DQ 16 Corps* . 
Col Yadav – 8628983329

All the Offrs, JCOs and staff were extremely cordial.

Happy journey 😇

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