Girls Joining NDA

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Amid all the harsh grumbling and whining 
There is always the proverbial silver lining 
For girls joining there are many views
But for male cadets it is exciting news 
Even for staff there will be posting rush 
Married for dalliance, Singles for crush

Swimming pool will see every bloke 
Not to judge the style and stroke 
But for an eyeful of curves and cuts 
Of those slim waists and rumpy butts 
For ensemble swim, the Squady will scoff 
As on every such parade some will be 'off'
Rope-climb with what from below is seen 
PT staff will not find it a tedious routine 
The vaulting horse will generate interest 
As the fall is broken with a hand on chest

The Drill Subedar will have to think about 
Something other than 'with your chest out' 
And for tight marching what would replace? 
'Coin up your thighs, the number must deface'

Cadet Sergeants and the Corporal gang 
Will need to invent new vocabulary of slang 
'Walking like pregnant duck' will not be heard 
Nor also their favourite duck-rhyming word

The CSM in the evening ante room halls 
Will shun from shouting his usual 'Ba**s' 
For 'Bas' can the 'B**bs' substitute? 
Perhaps not, though it sounds so cute

The on-display cabin kit layout chart 
Will need to be changed in many a part 
Place for the upper body suppressor thing 
Also, a corner for the piece with the string
Sports fields where matches were played 
Will be for dating and matches to be made
 For the recreation and entertainment bit
 Not many every Sunday Poona will visit

GB Pants will need discarding the verbal digs 
The usual 'sitting like Lords and eating like pigs' 
While feminine of Lord is dignified and fine 
There will be trouble when applied to swine

Bhavnanis will need revising their abuse treasure 
From 'result of parents' two-minute seaside pleasure' 
And the dashing sailor Martin with flourish and flair 
Will no longer threaten 'hang you by the short hair'

Gone are the days of hair-cut every week? 
The drill regulation will undergo a tweak?
Permitting instead dreamy curls and coils 
Held in place with dryers and aroma oils

At the outdoor rifle firing range 
The WT Ustaad will feel strange
 In cadet's lying position to decide 
And say, 'open your legs wide'.

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