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Visitors to the famous Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh would know this Pipal tree (Ficus religiosa) well and may have enjoyed its shade, but this Pipal is a story. A man named Gyan Singh from the village Ramnagar Bhangimajre came from the army without a pension because he had contracted TB disease. Even after decades of marriage, he was not blessed with any children. He thought, "If there are no children, let's put my sign in the village and put the Pipal tree!" 

After a few years, Gyan Singh passed away, but his father Nand Singh took care of his son's sign like his 'grandson' and kept it green. Ramnagar Bhangimajre village was demolished for the development of Chandigarh. All the trees were being cut down to construct the bank of the lake, and finally, it was the turn of Gyan Singh's 'son'.

It was good luck that Kulwant Singh Alapur, who was working in the construction team, knew the story of this Pipal as he was a grandson (dohta) of Ramnagar village. He got adjusted the map of the lake in such a way that this Pipal tree was saved. From that day till today, this Pipal is standing firm. We sometimes feel that this 'ageless son' remembers his father, Gyan Singh.

When you come to Sukhna Lake, please stand under this Pipal tree and take an oath that we will plant trees around us; you never know when and how the saplings you planted will adorn a place.

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