Who contributed more to Nation?

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Sheila donated Rs.5000 to  PM/ CM Relief Fund.

On the other hand, Paandu bought two bottles whisky bottle worth Rs 5000/-. 

The question is who contributed more to the growth of our country ?

01. On the Rs 5000 Sheila donated, she got a 30% tax rebate. Therefore, she actually landed up earning back Rs 1500/-. In other words, by donating Rs 5000 she made a net contribution of just Rs 3500/- to the country. 

02. On Alcohol, the total taxes (excise and GST) added up to approximately 72% of the MRP. So when Paandu paid Rs 5000,/-, Rs 3600/- went to the state exchequer... Against 3500 rs from Sheila

...and 48 pegs of pleasure from  two bottles 750 ml whisky bottle 🍷🍷. And the tandoori chicken , peanuts, soda  and other bites he consumed worth Rs 5000 along with whisky contributed about 1000 Rs more to government. That makes it 4600 vs 3500.

Therefore, not only did Paandu contribute more, he created jobs at the Distillery, their suppliers of labels, bottles, caps, machinery , Poultry farms , Snack companies, jobs at the Marketing Company, jobs at the Wine Shop , Retail shops selling chicken, snacks  and moreover he was in high spirits doing so, 

.... while Sheila doesn't  even know where her money went !!

Think of it... 
Next time, Buy a Bottle of Whisky 'you' serve your Nation !!!

Be a responsible citizen!! Have a lovely Monsoon and also be in high spirits !!!

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