How India got Wheeler Island for Missile Testing?

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A small anecdote about Biju Patnaik (Biju Babu) Ex CM Odisha, on the occasion of his recently concluded 104 Birth Anniversary :     
When Dr. Kalam was Director DRDO, he selected the wheeler Island in Odisha Coast near to Chandipur for Missile Testing Center. He approached the then PM P V Narasimha Rao, and expressed his desire. PM told no problem you will be given the land. Then he asked, Sir how much time would be required to complete the documentation, related revenue department. PM replied that it will take about 6 months to complete all formalities.

After few weeks when Dr Kalam happened to visit DRDO Chandipur, he called up the then Odisha CM, Sri Biju Patnaik, and expressed his desire to meet him.

Bijubabu immediately conveyed in affirmation and asked when he is coming. Dr. Kalam told him his arrival details from Balasore to Bhubaneswar by train. On the designated day, Biju Babu himself went to Railway Station to receive Dr. Kalam. The CM who did not go to receive the Planning Commission Chairman, which normally others CMs do, he went personally to receive Dr. Kalam, the Great man had the ultimate respect for Intellectuals and Scientists. Then he dropped him in state guest house and asked him to join for lunch. During lunch he asked Dr. Kalam for his intention of visit. Any help he can extend to him.

Dr. Kalam told that he wanted the wheeler Island for missile testing center. Bijubabu told happily, it's all yours, you take it and start your work. Dr. Kalam asked how long it would take to transfer the land in favour of DRDO. Bijubabu put a counter question that, when do you want ? Dr. Kalam told ASAP. Bijubabu told him that if you have time please stay back in our guest house as state guest and take the land tomorrow. You will get all the documents tomorrow.

Then Bijubabu called the revenue minister and ordered him that he should call the all the concerned tahasildars and revenue officers related to wheeler Island for handing over to Dr. Kalam the next day, and all the officials should be present in Bhubaneswar the next day by 10AM. And true to his words, handed over the land to Dr. Kalam next day.   

Dr. Kalam had written in an article that, it's India who missed Biju Babu a dynamic person as its Prime minister.... and rest is History... Salute to the Great Soul, Odia and Odisha was part of his heart…

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