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"Illustrated" humour..

Khushwant Singh, the famous writer, had a good sense of humour. Like any other films afficionado he was a great fan of film actress Nargis. He narrates the following incident in one of his articles.

"When I was the editor of Illustrated Weekly of India published from Bombay I received a phone call. A lady was on the line. "Can I speak to Mr. so and so ?" she said.

 "So and so speaking" I replied. 

"This is Nargis Dutt".

 "Nargis Dutt the film star ?". 

"Jee haan." 

" Mother India and all that ?"  

"Je haan. Can I see you ?" 

Half an hour later she breezed into my office setting many a hearts aflutter. Introductions over, she said, "You see my kids are studying in Sanawar. I have to attend their Annual Day school function. But all the hotels are overbooked. I learn you have a villa in Kasauli. Would you be kind enough to allow me to stay there for a night ?" 

I said, "I have no objection but on one condition." 

There after I gave necessary  pause to create suspense. She was silent for a moment and then asked with trepidation,
"What ?"  

"Provided thereafter I have your permission to tell anybody I like, that Nargis Dutt slept in my bed."

 She burst into laughter and said, "Agreed."

Thereafter Nargis herself related this incident to many of her friends.

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