Limits of Positive Thinking....

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During my school days, my teachers used to often request me to bring my father as they were afraid of telling me anything, lest they offend me 😋

My teachers were very fond of reading what I had written... In fact they would make me write it a hundred times so that they could read it again and again...😅

Many times the teachers threw their valuable chalks to me without my asking for it 😊

Many times my teachers made me stand outside the class to ensure 'Z' category security while they were teaching.🤷‍♂️

Many times I was honoured by being asked to stand up on the bench with all others looking up to me .... 💺

Many times I was given a break from class to enjoy the sunshine & fresh air, when most others were sweating/choking inside the classroom .... 🌳🌞

As I knew everything, the teachers used to appreciate my knowledge and told me many times.....*Why do you come to school? Why can't you do something else instead*💪🏽


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