Who is a Re-Emp Offr ?

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A very nice thought penned by ny friend, read on


As re-employed offr I can wear the uniform of last rank but am posted against the vacancy of Maj/Lt Col. 

I can't claim any appointment based on my pre-retirement rank, seniority, or experience.

I am paid by PCDAO less my pension, but pension is paid by PCDA Allahabad simultaneously. 

I am auth salary but basic is revised to 194500/-. But I am getting 15000 as ignorable part of pay. 

I am authorised MH facility but same time I can opt for ECHS also. 

I am using my old service iden card but can't get Indian Army Veteran Card till I deposit my service iden card . 

However I can get by ESM card from District Soldier board. 

For civ employment I will be counted against ESM vacancy as well as my kids against ESM quota. 

I am auth fd allces etc but not auth tele allce. 

I am under Army Act during service but can leave army with three months notice either from my side or from Army Auth. 

I can't be sent on TD for more than 15 days in a calendar year with out permission of IHQ of MoD. 

In a nut shell I exist but I don't have an existence 


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