Should ECHS Members take Private Health Insurance?

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Those in favour of taking a Pvt Health Insurance:-

1. Almost half (49%) the responders feel Pvt Health insurance should
be taken with 15% feeling that it is a must now.
2. But then 5% also feel that the costs of such pvt health insurances
go up with time (or if a claim is made, which leads to increase of
premium at the time of renewal) which most of the officers cannot
3. 3% also find ECHS unreliable for those retired.

On the other hand, there's a good number who have faith in ECHS
4. 25% feel ECHS is more than adequate while 13% feel that ECHS is
great and there's no issue with it.
5. 9% feel that if the situation is life-threatening, then you cannot
rely on Pvt Hospitals for a trustful treatment and one has to go to
ECHS. 6% feel that the Trust issue in Pvt hospitals are too great to
be ignored or relied on in emergencies.

What has to be understood while trying to interpret the above results are that:-
• Not all respondents would have given the feedback with personal
experience. Some could be based on perceptions and/or what they read
• In many cases, personal poor experiences at Pvt Hospitals or ECHS
could have coloured the overall feelings towards that channel, which
is but justified since health issues are intense experiences and
• In general, large number of officers have more cashflow surplus now
compared to older times, leading to a search for better experiences
and options.

Any other observations from this poll? Please remember that one could
choose more than one option and the poll was anonymous.

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