Salute to Indian Army heroic deed

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The day was 14 January 2023. On one side the country was preparing to celebrate Makar Sankranti while on the other side the workers of Megha Engineering Industry Limited were working on the Zozhila tunnel. Around 5:40 in the evening, a sudden avalanche occurred and as many as 172 workers were trapped there. They lost touch with the whole world.
The avalanche was so fierce that there was no way out. Realizing the seriousness of the situation and the responsibility for the lives of as many as 172 people, the project engineer of Megha Engineering Industry Limited immediately contacted the Indian Army. Considering the magnitude of the incident, the Indian Army immediately dispatched a contingent of trained soldiers. In that dire situation, they found those 172 people from the snow in the darkness of night ,risking their lives. Calming them down, the Indian Army assured them that they would not compromise their duty of 'Seva Paramo Dharma'.
As the sun rose on January 15, the Assam Rifles Regiment of the Indian Army undertook a war-level mission to rescue the trapped workers. The Indian Army dispatched trained special commandos, weapons and trained dogs for this mission who are used to such environment. Apart from that, a medical team was sent to take care of the health of the trapped people.
The Indian Army safely rescued all 172 workers from that dire situation without a scratch. On the one hand, the country was celebrating the festival of Sankranti, on the other hand, the Indian Army had removed the crisis, which could have claimed the lives of 172 people.

My salute to those unnamed brave soldiers of Indian Army...

Jai Hind!!!

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