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Dear Members,

1. Please note that all our Pension processing is being transferred from the Banks to SPARSH portal of PCDA (P) Allahabad.

2. Important Essence of this message:

When your account is transferred from the Bank's CPPC to PCDA(P)'s SPARSH you will get an SMS giving your username and password for SPARSH Login. Ensure you save this information and use it for registering on the SPARSH portal. All details on SPARSH are available on the PCDA portal https://pcdapension.nic.in › pcda › oc-sparsh but some important aspects are enumerated below for your perusal:

3. What is the SPARSH ?

SPARSH  is the acronym used for "System for Pension Administration Raksha" and is an integrated system for automation of sanction and disbursement of Defence Pension.

4. What does it imply ?

Physically your pension account remains in the same bank & branch but the processing activity which was being done by the bank's CPPC gets shifted from the Bank to SPARSH under the aegis of PCDA(P) Allahabad. In effect it means that all activities related to your pension will now be with PCDA wef 01 Sep 2021.

5. How is it being Implemented ?

a. For Veterans and Veer Naaris:

i. All Pensioners
(Pre Sep 2021), of all Private & Nationalized Banks will have their pensions migrated from CPPC to SPARSH controlled by PCDA(P) Allahabad. Fifty percent of 30 Lakhs accounts of Defence Pensioners have already been transferred to SPARSH and balance will be transferred by March 2022.

ii. Thereafter banks CPPCs will have no role in the disbursement of your pension or redressal of any of your grievances related to your pension or accepting your life certificate.
b. For Serving Personnel:

i. SPARSH is applicable to all retirees wef Sep 2021onwards.That means those who are retiring wef Sep 2021 onwards, their pension documents have to be processed on line through SPARSH by respective Defence accounts sections through PCDA (P) Allahabad.

ii. It means an individual has to forward hard copy of his documents to  respective Defence accounts as earlier and to be forwarded through mail, on id provided to  respective records (for JCO & Ors etc.).

iii. Thereafter it will be uploaded  online through SPARSH. Hence no more hard copies to be forwarded to PCDA (P)
Allahabad, as it used to be done earlier. Where many times there used to be delay in reaching documents to the concerned officer, documents used to get misplaced.

iv. All these retirees are and future retirees will be getting their pension through SPARSH.
6. Some Points/ Implication of the Changes:

a. Portal operating  agency being CDA Pension, Allahabad, all PPO numbers are expected to be regenerated starting with numbers 101.....old PPO numbers are likely to be  superseded.

b. All officers who have received their user ID and Password from PCDA pension Allahabad to log in at sparsh.defencepension.gov.in and validate their basic data.

c. Henceforth pension will be credited on the last day of the month.

d. If a new PPO number is allotted, kindly resubmit your Life certificate NOW with the new PPO number and select SPARSH as the pension disbursing authority.

e. Important: Once your pension is
transferred to SPARSH, every individual will get a USER NAME & PASSWORD message on their mobile to  LOGIN ON SPARSH. Please save that message and once you login on SPARSH you can create your new password for security. This is just like logging into a bank site for checking our Salary slip and other issues related to our pension. However your pension account with the bank will remain the same.

f. Important: Once transferred to SPARSH -  your PPO, corrigendum. Form 16. Life Certificate Pension slip, lodging of grievances  - all will be on SPARSH. Hence please save your Login User ID and Password.

g. Updated PCDA SPARSH helplines & TOLL-FREE

Mobile 18001805325




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