Why organizations are left with donkeys?

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Interesting theory on  HR policy....( it is  applicable to all不).

Not everyone selected as an Officer is a horse or a donkey. The ratio is generally 50:50. That is, for every 3 horses there are 3 donkeys.

Since the aim is to achieve targets by collective efforts, the training is aimed at leveling capabilities.

Hence a horse is forced to come down to a mules level and a donkey is forced to enhance its capacity upwards to a mule.

Within such an environment, when both horses and donkeys of a batch reach their Maslow's hierarchy of self esteem and accomplishments....

1. The donkey has a feel good factor since it has improved.

2. The horse is disgusted since it has been made to do a mules work, forcefully.

Herein comes the main ingredient called ACR into play. 

The donkey suddenly gains the upper hand vis-a-vis the horse due to his positive state of mind and demonstrated positive attitude towards the org and his superiors.

Thus they achieve more promotions and decorations. Thereby putting them in lead position above the horses. The horses in turn become more disgusted. 

This leaves no choice for horses and they leave service at first opportunity.

Org is left with donkeys, who also shape up the next incoming generation of horses and donkeys into more substandard mules.

It's not a joke! 云 some of them have reached the highest position too不不不不不不不不

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