64 kb ECHS Cards Applying Procedure

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For 64 kb ECHS Cards :

Apply on line  if you have 3-4 documents scanned on your desktop or laptop, it will take hardly 12 to 15 minutes to fill the application online by visiting following website:

https://echs.sourceinfosys(dot)com/index.html ( replace dot in url with actual dot)

it is a simple step by step procedure.
Documents (scanned) required:

1. Passport size photograph white back ground (of each beneficiary)

2. Signature on white paper
(of each beneficiary)

3. PPO

4. Existing ECHS Card
(Above 4 documents are to be uploaded)

5.In case applying for the first time:

(a) No subscriptions to be paod in case  of retiree before 01 Jan 1996.

(b) Post 01 Jan 1996 retirees:
.MRO of :
Rs 30000 in case of Hav & below.
Rs 67000/ in case of JCOs & Hon officers.
Rs 120000/ in case of commissioned officers.

Rest of the following details required for filling the application (only details required and no document is to be uploaded)

1. Service particulars of primary beneficiary
2. Blood Group of all members
4. Aadhar Card Numbers of all members
5. PAN of all members
6. Bank Account details of primary beneficiary.
7.Death certificate in case of family pensioner.
8. Form 26 in case of unmarried daughter above 25 years of age

On completion of online application, you will be directed to upload above-mentioned 4 documents and remittance of cost of cards online @ 177 per card.

you will be able to download the #Temporary_Slip with signature of OIC,PC enables a echs member to utilize medical services till the original cards arrive.

Please Note the 32 kb cards are expired from 15 Nov.2022 and such members are without a medical cover since then

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