Did Congress help Adani?

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 Q: Who licensed Adani for Palm oil?

 A: Rajiv Gandhi, Congress, Year: 1989.

 Q: Who provided Adani with India's largest port / sea trade?

 A: Narasimha Rao, Congress, Year: 1993

 Q: Who gave the Reliance Retail License to Ambani?

 A: Manmohan Singh, Congress Year: 2005

 Q: Who gave the 4G license to Ambani?

 A: Manmohan Singh, Congress, Year: 2013

 Q: Who also donated 11 to 11 highway contracts to Ambani?

 A: T. R. Balu - DMK / Congress, Year: 2009 to 2013

Q: Who gave Kerala Vizhinjam port to Adani?

 A: Manmohan Singh, 2013 - 2014 Communist Government of the State.

 Q: Who provided the 6100 MW power plant to Adani?

 A: Amarinder Singh, Punjab CM, Congress Year - November 2020.

But some people are spreading false information that Modi is helping Adani Ambani.

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