Sparsh : Procedure after Receiving Userid and Password

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All Those who received msg from the Bank for their Pension  A/C migrated to SPARSH. Please wait to receive your User ID & Password from PCDAP and follow these procedures as given below. XXXXXXXXXX After you get Sparsh user ID and  password the procedure detailed  step-by-step:-

1.  *login* click 

2.  Enter both  user name* (14 digit) and  *password* recieved from PCDA (your user name is your sparsh PPO number suffixed by 01, if password is not received go to forgot password option, and key in OTP recieved by regd mobile. You will get initial password)

   *I'm not a robot*     left side click

3.   Put new password. ( new Password should have  Capital letter, small letter, special characters @/#/ &, Numbers). Please koop the user ID / password safely written for future use. 

4.   Next Log out .

5.   Again Login using. ( new password.)

6.   *Alert* screen shall come. Read & click *ok* .

7.  *Acknowledgement* (Undertaking of Refund of Excess Payment)  will come. Read and click  *Next* .

8.   *Acknowledgement* (Consent to use of Aadhaar to avail pensionary benefits through SPARSH) will come.   *I Agree*   below click  *Yes* & click  *Next*. 

9.   *Acknowledgement* (Consent for receiving notifications on mobile number and email ID) shall come.  Read & click  *ESign Declaration* .

10.   *Confirmation* (You will be redirected to C-DAC website to eSign the declaration) will come. Read & click *Ok* .

11.   C-DAC scree select  Aadhar Number.

12.   *Aadhar No* enter.

13.   Select Aadhar OTP .  
Declaration Box. Touch and ensure Tick Mark.
GET OTP.. click.
*Submit* click .

Here you shall get OTP 6 digit in registered  mobile number of aadhar. 
*Enter OTP*  . 
*Submit* click . 

14.  We are processing your request, please wait.... .

15.   Once Processing complete 
*Acknowledgement* shall come.  Below that 'Declarations file esigned successfully'  can be seen. 
*Submit* click .

16.  *Confirmation* (Do you wish to submit Declaration?) .
*Ok* click .

 17.   *Acknowledgement* (Your data has been submitted successfully........ You will now be redirected to 'Track Status' ..........) .
*Ok* click .

 18.   Next screen that appears - press 'Refresh' . next  will come Screen/ information 

 19.   Log out  and log in back again.

20.   In the Screen  touch the three *Line*  . 
Next *My Profile* click .

Next  *Manage Profile* click 
 details - *Update Profile*  (Personal, Service, Family, Bank, Other, Nominee, Documents) Check and verify all details, you can correct all the errors here then press Next, Next ,......  details  and then click *update*.

(Note - To Amend Data  : you shall  click
 Mark / Symbol in the Action column. Or  lt side near Details  you shall see a pencil symbol,  click and  amend /  do correction.)
Now you complete Personal Data Verification (PDV) .

21.   Log Out  .  

22.   You can use the  user name and new password  password, log in to submit . *Life Certificate*.

Note:- if you are pre 2016 pensioner you will not be allowed to ammend personal data, so 👆sl no 20 will be by passed.

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