Prisoner of War in Exercise: Hilarious

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*The POW (prisoner of war)*

A War Game held 1967-68 in Western  theater : A Young  Offr Lieutenant of Artillery, a typical ex NDA, mischievous kind, a bit of a panga taker but extremely sharp  was detailed as Arty OP with an  Armr Regt. He was treated with disdain  by Armour wallas. Since his own Artillery OP tank was not available in the exercise, he was made to sit on armoured corps Tank in open, with his 2 men team, all through in the scorching heat during  advance; no food or Water.

At night halt, in open fields Tanks took Positions - None paid any attention to Offr & his men ... the Offr got down from Tank and sat under a nearby Kikkar Tree where he dozed off, being tired from the days labours on the  Tank.

Next day at dawn, the Offr found himself, abandoned by the Tanks which had advanced before first light. The Offr then with his team walked to 3 odd KM where a Base Camp of another Armr Regt was located. After enquiry at the Gate he went to the Offrs Mess of this Unit. After a short while, he was told by an Officer of this Regt that he had come to enemy Camp and therefore he and his OP party had been taken POW. 

The Officer remained in Offr Mess - Tented Accn with all material comforts, good food, 🍻 beer, snacks, cold baths, electricity fan, magazines, music ... for next four days, till the end of War game.
Later he took a lift with the enemy regiment and reached the debriefing site, where the GOC delivered long sermons  on war game. 

As usual at the end of his long address/talk,
the GOC : "Well Gentlemen any Questions?"

There were none ! 

He again implored "Gentleman, I am sure, there must be some observations or comments , ... please feel free.."

At this the Artillery Lieutenant,  πŸ™‹‍♂got up, cleared his throat ...

" Sir I have a point to share regarding   my experience  of  the War Game  .."

GOC : (in light mood-happy at having at least one contribution! )  
 "Oh Yes, young man, tell us what you have to share ..?"

Offr :  "Sir during this  exercise   I was Arty OP with …" Sqn  which left me behind in Tactical battlefield, not requiring any Arty Fire - and I had to walk to the Enemy Camp and surrender...( Laughter !!)
There I was captured and taken as POW."

GOC :( Laughingly) "Oh very sad, I hope you were treated well?"

Officer :  "Sir, I was treated very well by  Officer Mess of Eenemy Regt, ie till today"...

(The crowd was in splits !!)

GOC : ( Laughingly) "OH you are looking very nice n fresh ,unlike all of us here !!"

So What's your point ?

Offr : "Sir, I was quite  happy as POW, till today, but before departure to this location,  I was handed over a  FAT  MESS BILL for payment by the Enemy Unit." 

 ( louder laughter) ...

GOC :( Amusingly)   "OH, I see,Have you paid the Bill?"

   Offr; "No Sir, I do not have any foreign currency on me, moreover, it is against the rules of Geneva Convention to charge money from a  POW.  PsOW, are to be provided free food and shelter.  Actually, the POW should be paid for his labours at the Redcross rate, by his captors.

 The crowd was hysterical..πŸ˜„πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

 GOC - ( Laughingly)
 "WHO is the CO of this Unit that asked this young POW to Pay Mess  Bill?"  

CO of enemy Armr Unit squirming, stood up and sheepishly, mumbled , pathetically …
"Umnnn ... Sir , my Unit had this Offr as  POW. Our Mess Hav made this grave mistake of issuing a Mess Bill. Can I withdraw it now?"

  GOC : "Sure you can , please with draw it and give it to the CO of the Armour regiment that this officer was supposed to provide Artillery fire πŸ”₯to, also, the Commandant of that Armoured Regiment should handover four cases of beer  🍻 towards  Redcross at daily rate of payment for his labours during captivity of four days. In keeping with the Geneva Convention, they should also give him a jeep to carry his beer and drop him back and handover him to his CO and obtain a receipt of repatriation of POW to satisfy the Geneva convention !!!!"πŸ˜†

GOC …"OK son , I hope your concerns have been addrsd as per Geneva Convention?"

Any other  experiences ?
Offr : Thank you  Sir,  I shall be more than  happy to narrate my   experiences, when I am taken  POW in next War Game. .....

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