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You asked me a simple query: Why did PCDA (Pensions) Prayagraj remove the Circular 667 from their web site on 02 Mar 2023.

Why did PCDA (Pensions) Prayagraj remove Circular 667 from their web site on 02 Mar 2023?

Your guess is as good as mine.
We can only guess unless a veteran who has already lodged a CPENGRAMS complaint gets the reply either from Min of Def or from PCDA (Pensions) Prayagraj the reason for removal of Circular 667 from web site of PCDA (Pensions) Prayagraj.

My guess as under.
The Min of Def though issued Circular 667 to avoid contempt of the Hon'ble Supreme Court. But I suspect  Min of Fin (Expenditure) and Min of Law & Justice might advised Min of Def to file a review petition on the ground that Govt of India does not have money to pay entire arrears of OROP - II in one go to 26.50 lakhs defence pensioners by 15 Mar 2023 saying even banks have found it difficult to work out arrears in such a short time. The Min of Def might have gone for another extension of time or might have filed a Review petition.
We will come to know the reason as lawyers of IESM would definitely get a copy of affidavit of Min of Def either for extension of time by another three months or a review petition
Min of Def never takes any decision without consulting Min of Fin (Expenditure) and Min of Law & Justice if there is a cash outgo.

Since Min of Fin (Expenditure) does not appear in the court they routinely asks other ministries to file Review petition if the case has gone against Govt of India to gain time. They jolly well know that they will lose the case eventually. But they gain sometime till the Hon'ble Supreme Court gives Min of Def disposal of the review petition or may grant or not grant additional time. Either way they gain time.

In this case, I presume the Min of Def faithfully filed a review petition (may be the Attorney General or Solicitor General also might have concurred) in the Hon'ble Supreme Court, that could be a reason for removal of Circular 667 from their website. If that review petition also fails, then they will file a Curative petition. All these are delaying tactics.
But Hon'ble Supreme Court may finally get cheesed off and impose a penalty of 8% interest from 16 Mar 2023. The Min of Def happily will pay 8% interest having gained six months to one year time.
This is what Bureaucrats right from Desk officer to Secretary to Govt of India do routinely. Unfortunately the Hon'ble Supreme Court does not see these game plans of ministries and send the erring officials who recommended such delaying tactics to jail for six months to one year. The bureaucrats may or may not brief the minister. In any case, the Minister is least bothered about legal cases as long as his back side is not on fire. 

Unfortunately, in India, the Hon'ble Supreme Court does not direct the concerned minister to appear before it.
I wish my analysis is wrong. There could be some other reason for removal of Circular 667 from web site of PCDA (Pensions) Prayagraj. 

No body other than PCDA (Pensions) Prayagraj knows about it i.e. reason for removal. He will not tell anyone about it.
All these actions at times are taken on telephone calls from CGDA to Principle Controller of PCDA (Pensions) Prayagraj.
Soon Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM will send a tweet about this in a day or two as his lawyers also will get a copy of Review petition if Min of Def filed a review petition.

Therefore, let us wait and see. 
I also saw a message from someone saying he spoke to CPPC of his bank and he says the bank got a telephone call from PCDA (Pensions) Prayagraj not to pay arrears in one go but only in instalments. So the CPPC of that bank stopped working on entire arrears in one go and are working on paying only first instalment by 15 Mar 2023.

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