Sai Baba Shirdi hassle free darshan

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Just book online. Simple process. 
Go to website shirdisaisansthan (pl check) 
Create account. 
Enter data of people. 
Pay fees 200 per person, no concessions. 
For Aarti its additional payment or charges. 
Pay and book. 
Note transaction Id and take a printout. 
Mobiles are not allowed inside premises. 


Few Tips for those visiting Shirdi temple. 

1. Come to gate no 1. Entry plus mob phone, shoes deposit vault. Each phone INR 05 . Shoes no charges. 

2. If you have a car, park it in Sainik Aramgah Shirdi, wash and change, no need to book a guest room. Take a cab from Aramgah itself, or go to Sai prasadalya walking 300 mtr and take the free bus shuttle to shirdi temple. See whatever you want to do. 

3. Once inside they will send you from separate line. Show the transaction id and printout. When reaching the final hall AVOID EXTREME ROWS. Get into 2 central rows then you will have good darshan and all effort will be worth. The extreme left and rt lines you will be pushed out in seconds. So pl avoid and be careful. This is the most important trick to darshan. OK. 

4. Don't buy any parshad from outside, you can't carry it inside for offering, not even flowers. So avoid it. 
5. Laddoo prasad at counter no 5 or 3, 10 pcs max @10 Rs each. 2 laddos per pack. Worth it and all of you can stand in queue. 

Daan and Hundi inside, min 25k for hundi Or donation, normal daan is as per your choice inside main chamber of temple. 

Enjoy and have a great darshan. Sai bless you. 

It's a terrific and emotional experience inside temple if you go with full shradha Or faith. 

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