The Real Kashmir

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Its time to Unlearn & Re-learn Your Kashmir.

- It is Gauri Marg not GulMarg.
- It is Krishna Ganga valley, not Neelam valley.
- It is Maa Vitasta river not Jhelum river.
- It is Martand Surya Mandir not Shaitan ki Gufa.
- It is BhadarKashi not Bhaderwah.
- It is KashtNiwar / Kashthavata , not Kishtwar.
- It is Panchaldhar not PirPanjal.
- It is Hari Parbat not Kohe Maran 
- It is Shankaracharya hilltop, not Takhte-Sulemani
- It is Anantnag, not Islamabad
- It is Varahamool not Baramulla
- It is Vijayeshwar not Bijbehra.

Let the world know the truth. Be informed and inform all..

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