Which car to buy? Analysed in Desi style

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Depends what r u buying a car for?? If it is:-
(a) Tashan then go in for toyota or honda.
(b) Style nd comfort then go in for MG or Mahindra.
(c)  Economy then go for Maruty
(d)  Long drive with gf then 2nd hand Merc or bmw
(e)  Utility then go in for TATA
(f)  If u want full body stretch or massage then I think Ford (tractor wid trolly covered from top). 😊ðŸĪŠðŸ™

Well whatever you may want to pick up has been well described by Abhay, but avoid buying BMW, Audi, Mercs etc unless you have a pvt Ltd company and want to save tax. 
Otherwise these are white Elephants burning a hole in your pockets. Insurance, maintenance and minor repairs itself are way too expensive and spare parts are not easily available in India. 
Pl buy whatever you want to after looking into few major considerations. 
1. Why you want it? 
2. Is it value addition or an avoidable expense. 
3. Road and traffic conditions. 
4. Cost of ownership and alternatives available. 
5. Are there better ways to use Or spend your money. 

Do a holistic, non emotive check. 

Most Indians buy hi end cars not for acquiring driving pleasure but for Rich Quotient display, part of class syndrome. 

And with greater power comes greater responsibility so don't forget that with rich acquisitions come high expenses too. That's where companies love to Milk you with a Feel good factor. 

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