Why Not have Same Pay for Jawans as Officers? Humour in Uniform

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You know, it reminds me of a joke which floated around in eighties. I am not sure true or fake. 
It was about Lt Gen Oberoi, TS Oberoi, I think. He was from Paras Fd, retired as Southern Army Cdr.
As it went that when he was commanding the Unit, in of the Darbars one Jhonny got up and raised a point that you and I jump out of the same aircraft. But you get 150/ as para allowance and I only get 50/- .
I believe his crude reply to the Jawan was that you also came out of the same hole as I. I am a Lt Col and you are a .... (Nk or Hav).
It is the same thing here as well...
Just in a light vein and with no malice to anyone 😀

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