All about Ajay Mohan Bisht Alias Yogi Adithyanath

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Many people think that UP Chief Minister is just a "Sanyasi" in saffron dress.
But read below to know the facts about him ….

Ajay Mohan Bisht
          Yogi Adithyanath

Highest marks in the history of Uttar Pradesh (100%) from H.N.B Garwal University

Ajay Bisht is also known as Ajay Yogi, he is a Mathematics  student who passed with the BSC Mathematics Gold Medal.

Born in 1973 to a very poor family in a backward Panchur village in UP. He is now 49 years old.

A Spiritual Guru of the oldest Gorkha Regiment of the Indian Military.

 Nepali newspapers report that Nepal will merge with India if Yogi becomes PM!!

Huge Pro Yogi demonstrations in Nepal

Amazing excellence in martial arts. 

Well known swimmer from Uttar Pradesh.

An accounting expert who even beat the computer.

 Even Shakuntala Devi has praised Yogi!

Only four hours of sleep a night. Wakes up daily at 3:30 in the morning.

 Has a Yoga routine.

Eats only twice a day ..
Completely vegetarian.

He never hospitalised so far for any reason..

*Yogi Aditya Nath alias Ajay is one of the best  wildlife trainers in Asia*

This is the profile of Yogi Adityanath. The profile of a true LEADER in India  should be  like this.

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