How to get Non available medicine in ECHS?

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The ALCs are to provide the demanded Not Available (NA) medicines to the ECHS Polyclinic within 24 hours. If the ALC is located within the municipal limits in which the concerned ECHS PC is located and a maximum of 72 hours for any other location. ECHS beneficiaries can get NA-marked medicines on the next working day if the OIC ECHS PCs perform their duty sincerely. If the OIC ECHS PC is not able to procure the medicines on the next day, it should issue an NA certificate, so that the ECHS beneficiary can purchase medicines from the market and claim for reimbursement. (Auth: Para 4 of Central Organisation ECHS letter No. B/49762/AG/ECHS/Medical Policy dated 08 Apr 2019 -Annexed).

 Once Veterans understand the facilities/policies available, they are able to ensure that they get the best of services. There are many ways to get help through formal complaints at multiple levels.

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