Kaal Sarp Dosha

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What will happen when we place many items on a table unevenly? 

Obviously the weight on the table is not evenly distributed. Hence the stability of the table itself is jeopardized.

Considering the same analogy in our horoscope, let's try to understand why no amount of effort doesn't help us out from a sense of absolute *instability*.

The sky or the celestial sphere is divided into 12 parts called houses. These are fixed.

As the earth revolves around its own axis, we see all the heavenly bodies rising in the east and setting in the west.

When a person is born, a snapshot of the sky is taken. Which means, the location of the planets and the zodiac constellations which we call signs get fixed. This layout is what we call as kundali or horoscope.

Ideally, the nine planets and the twelve zodiac signs are supposed to be evenly distributed in the Matrix of twelve houses.

That's the prerequisite of stability, astrologically.

However on rare occasions, the planets bunch up as a result of which the planets are placed only in a few houses i.e. 6-7 out of 12.

This bunching of planets causes instability.

This is also called as *Kaal sarp Dosha*.

(Why sarp Dosha? It's something to do with the depiction of two serpents entangled like the kundalini in the kundali... when the planets bunch up, half the serpentine pattern is missing).

Though one cannot relocate the planets, the very AWARENESS of this layout is helpful.

Many remedies have been worked out to re-establish the stability.

*If one is going through unexplained instability, it's worth checking your horoscope and checking for the serpentine pattern*

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