Lt Murphy : Collosal of Errors

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Lieutenant Mc Murphy was a navy Fighter Pilot
during WW II, but they would never let him fly because he would crash his aircraft, shoot down his own men or screw up the Mission.

One day the Captain called him to his office. *"McMurphy all our Pilots have been shot down, you are the only Pilot left. I am sending you on a suicide mission.  There are 30 Jap Zeros heading our way I need you to fight them off".* 

*"If you survive I will promote you and give you every medal there is".*

McMurphy takes off and amazingly downs all the Jap Zeros, heads back to his aircraft carrier and makes a picture perfect landing.  He runs up to the Captain's office, gives the smartest salute you ever saw and says, *"Sir, I got them all, I'm here for my promotion and medals!"*

The Captains replies, *"前  円  合  立  内  事  社  者  京  間!"*

Which in Japanese means: *That's fine but you landed on the wrong ship!*😛

Happy World Pilot's Day🥂🎉

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