Precautions Hot Months

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* Be prepared for the next heat wave *between 40 to 50 °C. Always drink room temperature water slowly. 
Avoid drinking cold or ice water!

Currently, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and other countries are experiencing a "heat wave."

These are the do's and don't' s:

  1. * Doctors advise not to drink very cold water when the temperature reaches 40 ° C, as our small blood vessels may burst. *

It was reported that a doctor's friend came home from a very hot day - he was sweating profusely and he wanted to cool himself quickly - he immediately washed his feet with cold water... Suddenly, he collapsed & was taken to hospital.

  2. When the heat outdoors reaches 38 ° C and when you come home,  don't drink cold water - drink only warm water slowly.

Do not wash your hands or feet immediately, if they are exposed to the hot sun. Wait at least half an hour before washing or showering.

  3. Someone wanted to cool down from the heat and immediately took a shower. After the shower, the person was taken to hospital with a stiff jaw & had a stroke.

* Please Note: *
During the hot months or if you are very tired, avoid drinking very cold water immediately, as it can cause the veins or blood vessels to narrow, which can lead to a stroke.

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