Punjabis way of expressing

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*Punjabis*  don't say,
*"Oh my God"*...
They say *"Hi O Raba"*. And  that is more *Emotional*. 😊

*Punjabis* don't say, *"are you happy now?"*...
They say *"pay gayi thand hun?"* and  that's *beautiful!😗*

*Punjabis* don't say *'buzz off'* 
They  say *'dhoor fittay moo'*  that's *beautiful*.😏

*Punjabis* don't say *"get off of my back"* 
They say *"Maghron leh ja '"* and that's just *hilarious*.😝

*Punjabis* don't say *'to each his own'*, 
They say *'sanu ki'* and  it is *cute*.😏

*Punjabis*  don't say *'What's up?*, 
They  say *'hor koi navi taji?'* and it is *cooler*.😇

*Punjabis* don't say *"behave yourself"* 
They  say *"  banda ban"* and its really *funny* 😂.

*Punjabis* don't say *"that's more than sufficient"*, 
They say *"horr ki chayida"* and it's *savage!*🥺

*Punjabis* don't say *"All the best"* ,
They say *"Chakk de Phatte"* and it gives a totally different kind of *adrenaline rush!*💪

*Punjabis* don't say *"get out"*. 
They  simply say
*"Dafa ho ja"*  that is more *straight forward*.😳

*Punjabis* don't say *'leave it be'*.  
They  say *'mitti pao ji'* and  it is *super*.👌

*Punjabis* don't say *'Mind your own business'*.
They say *'Teinu ki'* and it is *cute*.🤗

*Punjabis* don't say *'Welcome'*
They say *' jee aaya nu '* and that *feels good*.😇

*Punjabis* don't say, *SOCIAL DISTANCING,* 
They say, *'PARAAN MAR'*.and that is more easily understood by all !!


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