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I was reading a story the other day… and it struck a chord. This is how it went…

 An old duke used to hold an annual dinner for the retired officers of his regiment, and  every year chose 10 different people to attend the dinner. One year, post dinner, he found that his precious silver snuffbox was missing, and very candidly asked those present to turn out their pockets. Nine of them did, but one gentleman refused, and walked out in a huff. So the others automatically assumed he had stolen it, and as expected, belittled the old man and forgot about it. 

But life is full of twists, and four months down the line, a lazy handmaid dusting the armchairs found the snuffbox stuck in the upholstery and took it to the duke.

The duke was horrified, as he had been part of the badmouthing and guiltily decided he needed to go in person to apologize to the officer.

He went to the soldier's sparse home and after much talk, asked, "If you hadn't taken the snuffbox, why did you walk away?" 

To which the upright soldier replied, "The only thing I had left was my dignity and honour, and *if you did not trust me then, I didn't want any part of proving it!*"

THAT is how soldiers are: they assume the world understands them, and will respect them...and take care of their needs, *because they have been taught that character, courage and integrity matter more in the battlefield than money ever will.*

Have a blessed day 🌹

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