Sparsh Blues

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Here is a SPARSH blue:

I am a Defence civilian. I joined Indian Ordnance Factories Service (IOFS) through UPSC as Asst Works Manager in the year 1963 and retired on superannuation in the year 2002 as Director General (DGOF) & Chairman/ Ordnance Factory Board. All these years my pension account was with SBI and I was getting my monthly pension regularly in time without any problem. Then all on a sudden my pension account got migrated to SPARSH in November 2022 without my knowledge or approval. Immediate problem was Life certificate which was not a problem at all in previous years. To my good fortune, this problem of LC was solved with the help of my banker SBI branch by furnishing DLC in December 2022.
I have got SPARSH  PPO. I am able to log in. My portal shows my pension slip which contains my name, PAN no, Aadhar no. Pension amount, TDS.  In my profile there is nothing else. By clicking here and there, I could get following details:
I joined the service as a Sepoy. 
I retired as Dy General Manager. 
My wife is dead. (She is very much alive in real world)
I am unmarried. 
I got a shock after reading these. What do I do? How to correct personal data?
PC DA has all the data in their files as they are the suthority to issue PPOs. They can not transfer their own data to SPARSH even though 3 years have passed since SPARSH has come into being. 
I am now 81+. If something happens to me my family will not get family pension. 
This has happened in case of a DGOF (Retd).
There are many SPARSH blues. No need to describe them. 
We had a proved system of paying pension through PSU banks fully owned by Central  Govt. They have developed their CPPCs which have been functioning smoothly without any problem. No other Govt dept has thought to migrate pension activity to their own accounts dept. Why our DAD has implemented it without taking other stake holders into confidence?
It should be rolled back to previous system of CPPC of PSU banks. 
That is the only solution. 
We should raise our voices. 
Just a request and suggestion

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