Why Ladies are advised against from visiting some temples?

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Most of us have forgotten our cultural heritage or didn't find time to get into it. 

I think we need to know it much more than learning equations of Chemistry, or Calculus, or English. 

Anyways, won't go beyond it. 

As regards Sri Varaha Avatara. It's one of the Purna or complete Avataras of Lord Vishnu. The others are Shri Narasimha, Shri Rama and Shri Krushna. So only 4 are considered complete ones as per Vishnu Puran by Maharishi Parashra. 
Of course there are many avtaras and not just 10 as most people know. The 10 are main ones out of many. Maharishi Parashra clearly says that. And there is a shloka for that. 

So no wonder that the Southern and Eastern India which was mainly  had  Or has Vishnu followers, you see numerous of these 4 avataras temple. 
The Tirupati Balaji is again Shri Varaha avatara temple. 

The Varaha and Narasimha are thr ugra Or aggressive avataras and that's why in some temples in India the ladies were advised to abstain as it could induce fear and aggression. The ladies are representative of Soumya Or peaceful and tranquil energy. Since these temples have a very powerful and strong opposite energies to.those present in ladies the aim was to avoid any clash of energies which may interfere with smooth body and mental functions. 

And that's the actual reason for advising them accordingly. To abstain from visiting such temples. 

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