Dealing with Khalistan problem on foreign soil

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A Perspective ....Worth Implementing

*Our Media & Govt and all of us Indians should not be calling these arsonists & terrorists attacking our Embassies and Consulates in US/UK/Canada and elsewhere, as 'Khalistanis'*

First of all....
*There is nothing called Khalistan!!*

Most, if not all of them, are citizens of the US, Canada and UK. 
Many even born there. We should be referring to them by their nationality: *American/Canadian (or whatever) citizens are attacking our missions*

The fact that they are Sikhs is incidental. 

Hence *it's the problem of those countries !!!*

In case the citizens of US/UK citizens want Khalistan, the heads and parliaments of those countries should facilitate the issue. 

So, we can request Joe Biden to give it to them. 
Likewise Trudeau and his cabinet! 

*The word Khalistan should be removed from our official vocabulary*
 -- If any Indian wants anything fairly from our N
nation they should come here and fight for it legitimately and democratically.
Why give any legitimacy to these lackeys of ISI & CHINA, and other such separatist & terrorist supporting entities? 

We must just refer to them as separatists /terrorists.
Make it a point to emphasize that they are Canadian/ American citizens, or whichever country they hail from!

So, in the recent case we should refer to the matter as 
*Canadian terrorists attacking Indian mission/ diplomats in Canada!* 

Let Canada put it on record as to why their citizens are attacking Indians, Indian missions and Indian properties. 
================== Time to put the record straight, and go for the jugular. 💪🏻😄

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