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Raja, Nawab - East India Company: G20, Canada & Five "White" Eyes

Recently I was reading a book on East India Company and its conquest of India. A small conglomerate with only intention of profit making and pleading to Indian Kings including Jehangir for providing small concessions in trade. Subsequently, The company decimated French & Dutch competition and monoplized entire transactions of Indian Subcontinent. 

From Haider Ali, Tipu Sultan to Marathas & Sikhs the cheap source of Western resources, both weapons and manpower, was the leftovers mercenaries of defeated French & Dutch Forces. They organised Armies of desi rajas into European format, but these Rajas could hardly afford the expenditure e.g. Marathas had annual income of One Crore Rupees whereas Company's income was more than twenty crores for the same period.

When Company started to advance on these Rajas, their first target was the Europeans employed in such Armies. Often a secret meeting was organised to negotiate bribe and a safe passage to Europe with all savings. Whites would become one, the Dutch & French would desert their desi Armies. A large section of Raja's Army was often left leaderless immediately before the attack. 

Suja Ud Daulah was a very competent ruler of Bengal, Mir Jafar was an incompetent person (Son in Law) but harboured Kingly aspirations, as Suja Ud Daulah aged and became, Company used Mir Jafar to replace him by treachery. The cost was that Nawab will hand over revenue collection to Company who will pay some sustenance to Mir Jafar. If facts are put together, this was the first strike which began enrichment of the Company which was otherwise not making good profit in India. 
The Company became very rich after acquiring Bengal. It could take overdrafts and huge loans and spent a lot on building troops and procurement of gunpowder based weapons.

Holkers of Indore (belonging to Maratha ruler lineage) kept away from Maratha war which ultimately led to downfall of Marathas. 

Most of the Company's war successes and expansion can be attributed to such bribery and deceit, where whites became one and browns fought each other.

Now come to Canada issue where a "white" (but not powerful) country is pointing finger on a behemoth nation like ours, suddenly US, Australia, New Zealand and UK start to sing in one tone. This is despite the show of warmth and friendliness in recent Delhi G20 summit where Biden and other leaders were falling on each other to hug PM Modi. Despite billions of dollars military purchases & FDIs and while on the surface leaders may be close pals but the state beneath them has no such love for a "non-white" India, for them we remain "Browns" and Chinese as "Yellow". 

 Unfortunately many weak minded Indians who got influenced by Western mannerism are whites trapped in a brown skin and eager to be hired as brown sepoys. There are aspirational Mir Jafars also who are keen to align their interests with Whites and ready to give any concession. Why shouldn't the whites be interested. 

So one thing has become clear by this Canada episode is that irrespective of any close relation with a Western country, our strength remains in our own unity and national cohesion. Whites will unite immediately against you at the first hint of them getting boxed.

वो पलक झपकते ही एक हो जाएंगे - हम लड़ते रहेंगे। जब आंख खुलेगी कनाडा शक्तिशाली दिख रहा होगा और हम कमजोर।

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