ऐसे भी Generals हुआ करते थे कभी 😅😅😅

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It reminds  me of an incident  ( a bit long narration though) that happened  in front of me many many decades  back.
Gen WAG Pinto had just taken over as the Army  Commander in Lucknow and was in the process of moving  in to the Command House. Those who have seen the Command House would  know  that it is an awkward building where two separate  wings have been connected  with a very  long corridor.  The main wing has just one bed room and the other wing has, I think four.  It was actually  the erstwhile  polo club building which was  acquired  and converted in to Command  House when the EasternCommand was first raised in Lucknow. Not a very  convenient  House especially if you have your parents,  children  or guests staying with you.

Well this much about the Command House ( which incidentally  was named *अरुणोदय*  by me when I was the BGS/ Dy MS there in 2002.)

Now to continue  with the anecdote.
 The CE ( Command) came and met Mrs Pinto, as it was customary  those days ,and enquired if she was happy  with the house and whether  she would  like to get anything  done. Mrs Pinto was a gentle and polite lady and  while praising the House said in a kind of nonchalant manner that though  it was  a wonderful  house but would  have been so much better if there was an additional  bed room  in the main wing instead of having  four in the other wing. 
The CE jumped with an idea and told her that there was enough  space available  to add an additional  bedroom in the main wing and he could suggest  a design  soon if she so desired.

 Mrs Pinto told him that it was just  a casual remark but if it was possible and permitted  within the rules to add a room, it would definitely  make it more convenient .

Now comes the second part.

I was on leave in Lucknow and  had gone to say hello to the AMS and was sitting  and chatting  with him when we suddenly saw the CE coming  out of the Army  Cdr's office sweating  profusely.  It was winters, and we wore Khaki SD those days, which made the sweat marks  rather pronounced. 

The AMS was alarmed and asked him what had happened  and if all was well , on which the CE replied  "Yaar  I had gone to get the design  of the additional bed room approved from the Army Cdr and  he, instead of looking at the design asked me who had asked  me to do this. And when I mentioned  that Madame  had said that an additional  room will make the house  more convenient to live, he asked me if I had nothing  better to do. And then told me to go and politely tell Mrs Pinto that  if she was not happy  staying  in the Command  House  she  could go and start living  in their small apartment  in Poona where he would join her in two years time."

 There was a total silence for a while but once the GE had gathered his bearings he  was offered the coffee which had come for me. He quickly gulped  that and then left looking quite  distressed. 

P.S. I really wonder  how would  he have conveyed  the message  of Gen Pinto to the Lady 🤔😁

ऐसे  भी  Generals  हुआ  करते  थे कभी 😅😅😅. 
अभी  भी  होंगे  जरूर 👍

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