How a Passenger trying to open safety door during mid air in aircraft was handled?

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Date of Incident : 21/09/2023; 

Brief Incident: 
Sankuraj  was travelling to Agartala from Guwahati on Official tour by IndiGo flight 6E-457 from Guwahati Airport at 12:00 PM. 
The incident took place at around 12:45 PM on board the flight(Approx 100 Kms away from Agartala Airport),after pilot's announcement to fasten the seat belt. Suddenly a passenger sitting in front row (1D) got up and tried to open front door of aeroplane on midair. When air hostess tried to stop him , he hit them badly. Some other passengers also tried to stop but could not control him. He was about to open the door, at that time, Sankuraj who was sitting at seat 9A jumped out of his seat and reached to that passenger and suplexed him to floor, tied his hands and able to nuetralise him. 
Later, safely plane was landed at Agartala Airport and that passenger was handed over to Security personnel.
Security personnel and IndiGo officials have taken Sankuraj's statement. Airline, Security Staff and passengers thanked him for his effort to save lives.
Sankuraj Borah Roll No 2984. Chilarai Sainik School Goalpara (Assam)

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