Should You discuss Politics and Religion on Social Media?

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We are on the learning curve every day, we learn from our surroundings, our socio- political, environment, and all these events must be taken in that sense. It is easier said than done that don't discuss any political or religious issues, when that is part and parcel of our lives, they are complimentary and supplementary to our everyday lives,  we as a society impact religious and political events and religion and politics impact us in our daily lives. It has been happening since time immemorial, like Chankya's book "Arthshastra" was a treatise on politico economy which is relevant even after 2500 years. 
That being said, we definitely can discuss events of history, polity, economics, and current affairs on an ongoing basis. I hope everyone understands and takes it as a learning discussion rather than one  upmanship or leveling allegations and counter allegations. A lot of water has gone down streamside since we started our journey together.

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