Who is to be blamed for mountains giving way in tourist regions?

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Today Saturday morning on 23rd September , 2023,  a big landslide took place in the Charlton Lodge Area of Malli Tal , Nainital .

The said landslide was so serious that as a result of this landslide a well built house got major damage and almost got collapsed.
However there was no loss of life as the house was got vacated before it collapsed .    
Other houses nearby also suffered numerous cracks on the walls of their houses .

If one goes to those  areas of the town of Nainital which includes not only Charlton Lodge but  Marshall Cottage , Cement House , Rukut , Dhoop Kothi, Popular Compound  etc.  will see that so many houses constructed there in the slopes of 70 degrees ingredient  with such congestion that not any free space around the houses are  left in right  left , up and down.

If such houses are now collapse then whom to blame ?

Whether we should blame DDA , Nainital (Zila Estariya Vikas Pradhikaran, Nainital) to allow such houses to be built legally or illegally ?
Should we blame the persons the owners , who built these houses without any safety concern ?
Should we blame the other agencies like a concerned Ward Member of Municipal Board , Nainital , who should have informed the concerned authorities to the effect that no such construction be allowed in their Ward .

Now it is time to retrospect as what is going to happen if such illegal constructions continues  then what will be the future of NainiTal  ?

If we think and come to conclusion that the unabated illegal construction is responsible for this catastrophe then the concerned authorities must get strict as not to allow any further construction in the town of NainiTal .

If we are able to do that then only we can save our beautiful town Nainital from such catastrophe .

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